The morning after: So that just happened

Posted: September 1, 2013 in Football

Coach Taggart it was time to do something, well the team did something last night.  They fell flat on their face and got embarrassed by an FCS school 53 to 21 in their home opener.  This game was rough.  The Bulls had the lead on the 80 yard run from Marcus Shaw to start it, but the awful snap to Ciabatti and the safety, it felt like it was going to start right there.

Let’s run through the numbers.  McNeese scored 31 points to 0 in the second quarter, running up and down the field as the defense failed to get pressure or just come up with a stop.  McNeese had 244 yards through the air (9.8 yards per catch) and another 180 on the ground (4.3 per rush).  They converted 6 out 15 3rd down attempts and controlled the ball for 35 minutes, just grinding down our defense.  On the other hand, USF was just 3 out 13 on 3rd down attempts, not converting and throwing our reeling defense back out there.

Matt Floyd looked off the entire night.  He finished 9 for 20 for 72 yards (3.6 per catch) and threw 2 interceptions, one that went back for an interception.  From what I saw, Floyd was making solid reads to start the night, but all of this long throws were just off, ever so slightly.  McNeese adjusted and brought up the safeties into the box to contain the run game and Floyd failed to adjust then.  Floyd could not look off pressure and the offensive line couldn’t keep a pocket clean for him to make his reads.  Bobby Eveld came in during the third and looked good, completing 10 out 20 attempts for 137 yards (6.9 per) and threw 2 touchdowns.  Coach T has not decided who will start vs. MSU, after he said everyone was behind Floyd and he wouldn’t have to look over his back.  But after watching this game, I think Floyd has to look over his back.

Marcus Shaw had 12 carries for 145 yards and a 1 touchdown and caught 5 passes for 47 yards, showing he can be a solid weapon for the offense.  Eveld had 21 yards on 4 carries and Mike Pierre had 2 carries for 6 yards.  We did not see McCray or Tice during the game, but should later in the year.  Overall, the run game was effective, but it could not bring us back from being down so much after the defense got walked all over and the quarterback played burned us.

Stephen Bravo-Brown had 1 grab for 59 yards and a score.  Andre Davis had 4 for 30 and a score, but was doubled a  lot of the night (has to shake that).  Mike McFarland had 2 for 25 and Price had 1 reception for 8 yards, not the big turn out we had hoped for from the tight end position.

The defense was awful.   Missed tackles, missed assignments, wrong formations (IMO) at times and no pressure on the quarterback.  We have talked all year about the strength and depth for the defensive line and the man Aaron Lynch, but no sacks from him and all day to pass, it wasn’t what we wanted to start the game. Their lack of pressure gave McNeese all day to throw the ball and run whenever they wanted.  They have a lot of work to do as they prepare for a power run team in MSU.

Special teams was awful too.  Kloss was 0 for 1.  The long snaps were terrible, leading to a safety on the first snap.  Mattias Ciabatti was bad too, averaging just 32 yards per punt.

I will have more thoughts and recaps tomorrow, but this was hard to stomach and it could be a really, really long year.

  1. COBull says:

    Just awful. Based on last night we have a very long way to go before we are competitive in any game. I could have handled a close loss bc our offense wasn’t good but to see our D give up 50 PTs at home to a FCS team is just downright embarrassing.

  2. Bummedfan says:

    What’s become so disappointingly obvious is that in just a few years USF’s peer group has changed so drastically. Not long ago we were comparing ourselves to other BCS competitors. Now, it’s the bottom dwellers of A-1 football, and we aspire to be able to someday be able to compete with the likes of UCF, Memphis and McNeese State.

  3. FightinTiger says:

    That. Was. Awesome. Loved your prediction. Your insights are unmatched. Seriously.


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