5 ways USF can win or lose to McNeese State

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Football

Back on the old blog, I would do this type of post each week, pointing out key areas against our opponents and finding ways the Bulls could win the game and ways they could blow it.  With everything new this year, I figured it would be good to bring the posts back and highlight major areas fans should pay attention to during the game.  So let’s get it started (note, these post tend to have a little humor added into them, so enjoy).

5 ways will win this game

New year, new team – The stench of 3-9 and the Holtz Error is long gone (now stinking up Louisiana area).  Coach Taggart has brought a new passion, new energy, and has everyone on board and focused.  Entering the this game, the Bulls will be ready.  They will come out ready to put all the hard work they have put in this year in action and will look to take it out on McNeese State.  They have been waiting for months for this and now its time to open it up and let the energy flow.

Coach Taggart – Coach Taggart is on the sideline and has the team working the way he wants them.  We have seen nothing but great results so far and with him calling the shots, instead of old Skippy, the team should automatically be better.  There will be mistakes from start to finish, but Coach T has the ship heading the right way and he’ll be able to help guide the team to the first win of the year.  Look for this team to play even harder than ever before, not to give up the stupid plays, and compete on every snap.

Its McNeese State – Let’s be honest, it’s McNeese State we are facing.  McNeese State has talent and has enough players and schemes that could help them get the upset win, but it won’t happen.  USF tends to win these home openers vs. the FCS foes (undefeated if I can recall) and it should be the same.  Will it be close early, I expect it, but late in the game when the depth begins to show and the skill sets flex their muscles, USF will pull ahead for good.

At home – USF fans have been waiting months for this.  After Skip was shipped out, the energy of Taggart has continued to excite the fans all across the Bay area.  The Do Something, the Bus, and everything else has fans eager to see what this team will do this year and how far Taggart can take us.  Compared to last season, it is night and day and there are brighter days ahead for us. We want to see this team win, we will be loud and we will inspire this team to win and turn the corner and take the program to a new level.

Its McNeese State – Again, it’s McNeese State.  We aren’t losing this game.

5 ways USF can lose this game

Sleep walk – The only way USF can lose this game if they just come out flat and not prepared.  If they come out there with no energy, no care in the world, and just think the win is in the books, they could get smacked in the face.  Coach Taggart is not going to let that happen though, so don’t expect them to jog to the ball or to give up on plays.  This team will be prepared for this one.

Turnovers – Ball security and takeaways killed this team last season and has been a central area of focus for the Bulls all year preparing for the season.  If the USF QBs come out throwing picks and the defense continues to fail to create turnovers, McNeese State could try to hang around and try to sneak out of Tampa with an upset.  Keep your eye on the turnover margin and whoever wins that, should get the win.

Poor execution – Much like the turnovers, not making plays on both sides of the ball for USF could hurt them.  If there is a missed tackle, a bad throw, or just missing an assignment, McNeese State could easily make one more play than USF and come away with a major upset win to ruin the start of the 2013 season.  USF has to execute at a high level, making sure McNeese doesn’t hang around late and have a chance to win it with the clock winding down.

Injuries – We saw Matt Grothe go down a few years ago in what could have been a huge season for the Bulls against an FCS foe.  The Bulls are fairly thin at some positions, so injuries have to be avoided.  If a starter goes down, it could give McNeese State a chance to make a play against a back-up that is either not focused or just not prepared for primetime, costing the Bulls a chance to secure a win.  If the Bulls go up big early, look for the younger freshmen and others to get into the game to get experience and keep the key starters healthy.

Team misses the bus to the stadium – Ok, I’ve tried to find all the ways this team looses this game, but it just won’t happen.  Unless Taggart takes a wrong turn on I-275 or the entire team misses the team bus to the stadium, the Bulls will show up and take care of business to open the 2013 season.

  1. KKDKD says:

    dang guess you didnt see this coming huh ahahahahahah GO POKES !

  2. BKB says:

    “it’s McNeese St.”? You forgot to include “Don’t take them lightly and even if you don’t, they could still beat you.” We take our football very seriously in SW LA. Think we could schedule you guys again next year?

  3. bobby boucher says:

    Good prediction. Guess that bus must’ve broke down. Hopefully they’ll be able to send another out to the woodshed where McNeese left them! Fear the FCS!

  4. bobby boucher says:

    Also, how is that crow tasting??

    Oh one more thing, in your face!!!

  5. mbyrnes7 says:

    Someone is a bit too excited about a team that will never smell a relevant football game(i.e. a bowl game) or produce a relevant football player. But hey to each his own. Lets face it someone has to root for all those LSU and LA Tech and UL Laf and Tulane rejects. Props bud. Hit me up when one of those players smells a spot on an NFL team. It has to suck that the best thing that your team has ever done in its history happened week one and still no one knows what the heck McNeese St. is and outside of Tampa no one even know those clowns won. But hey bud I give them credit. They won. Props. So enjoy the only good thing they will ever do because they will never be an FBS School (aka a relevant team) or win any kind of important game that anyone actually cares about.

  6. mbyrnes7 says:

    This guy literally had nothing better to do with his time than post comments on a blog at 4 in the morning. Props to you bud I’m sure we’ll see them McNeese St boys again on Sundays, as they bag my groceries and ask paper or plastic. Fear the FCS? Now we know you were drunk. There is a reason teams are in the FCS and it’s because they are not good enough. Sure they’ll snag a win here and there ( a la Appalachain St. against Michigan) but at the end of the day they still suck and in this case are comprised of LSU , LA Tech, Tulane, UL Laf rejects and none of them will ever go pro. Not even on a cold day in hell. Enjoy your win but stop trolling.

  7. David says:

    Guess all those “LSU and LA Tech and ULL and Tulane rejects” proved pretty potent to all of USF’s D-1 talent.

    53-21…that’s a straight ass-whooping son.

  8. David says:

    And yeah we might be a small school, but I’d rather experience the satisfaction of my team beating the shit out of teams like you every once in a while than be a USF fan having to suffer through 3-9 seasons. Just for the record if USF came out against… LSU for instance…with that kind of execution, we’re probably looking at a 50-3 score at halftime. Good luck in the Beef O’Brady Bowl this year guys.

  9. David Bruce says:

    Wow, you sure look ignorant with that attitude. “We’re FBS, you’re not, so you’re irrelevant”. I’m an LSU fan, and McNeese players might be LSU rejects, but most of those guys chose McNeese over La Tech, Tulane, ULL or ULM. They’d rather make a run through the FCS playoffs than hope to make the Weedeater Bowl.

    With Fla, Fla St and Miami all becoming solid again, and schools like LSU raiding the talent too, would you mind telling me how many NFL prospects you think will choose USF?

  10. Bruce Becker says:

    McNeese are a big frog in a small pond. McNeese has won their division, a couple of times. South Florida has not even sniffed an invitation to its championship game.
    McNeese is in the top ten in their division most years.
    South Florida was #10, once, for a week.

    McNeese is 4-12 vs teams in South Florida’s division since 2000.

    And yes, few of them go pro. And most dont. Most South Florida players do not go pro either. PS: no one judges the games by whether the team has more future NFL players. 53-21. That is the judgement. 53-21. And we would not be having this conversation except that your blogger needs to eat crow, since he did not see a way that McNeese could win if South Florida got off the bus. 53-21. Not even close. App State needed a last second block of a field goal to win. North Dakota won on the last drive. E Washington won on the last drive.
    When I attended McNeese, there was one future pro on the team. He made it with the Denver Broncos and got a nice retirement. It happens. But that is not how fans judge the team. People in Lake Charles just love the game. I like that the McNeese helmets are knock-offs of LSU. All the fans of McNeese are fans of LSU. They have perspective on the local team.

  11. CowboysOwnBulls says:

    So yeah, you got destroyed by this so-called lesser team. Your team is the joke of the college football world. Blown out by McNeese State. At home. Your team is atrocious.

  12. Sgotro11 says:

    U sound butthurt!! Like a little bitch after he gets owned and starts hollering “yo momma is fat”! Your team got owned by an FCS school…. Which means they beat you with less scholarship players, a smaller budget, less resources….hmmmm! And to think USF paid them about $400K… aka ‘rent-a-win’!!! LOL

  13. mbyrnes7 says:

    Let me start by saying, my we have gotten used to winning at LSU now haven’t we? I’m sure you haven’t been a “fan” long enough to recall that your team has in fact had seasons similar to a 3-9 USF team. 3-8 in ’99 ring a bell? 2-9 in ’92? 4-7 in ’98? Maybe you just weren’t around in the 90’s. So yeah, I guess since you wouldn’t be a fan of a team that has had a season like that…that means you are not a LSU fan? Or you acknowledge that seasons like that happen to all teams? Oh and by the way never say USF is not relevant or blah blah blah. At one point during that season LSU won the championship USF was ranked above them. You do know which season that was right? Oh and USF has only been a program for 15 years. That’s it. How long has LSU or McNeese St. been around? McNeese since 1940 and LSU since 1893. So in 15 years for USF to be anywhere near the level of LSU even in the same FBS division is impressive. 15 years. Anyways that isn’t really important though. As for NFL prospects, USF currently…that is as of today…not even all time, has 14 active NFL players. (http://espn.go.com/nfl/college/_/letter/s) For one, does JPP ring a bell? How about Nate Allen? Mistal Raymond? No? Must not watch the NFL. Anyways that is more than top ranked Louisville, SEC’s Mississippi St., PAC-12’s Arizona, and Big-12’s Baylor…just to name a few chosen at random. McNeese St., by the way, just to support my claim, has a whopping 0. (http://espn.go.com/nfl/college/_/letter/m) As far as current players on the roster who will be playing on Sundays? Definitely can count on DeDe Lattimore and Aaron Lynch making a name for themselves on the defensive side and possibly Andre Davis on the offensive side. Oh and as far as future players? The AAC has a TV deal with ESPN…that is national TV, that means prospects will come here just to get seen more. We have a great new coach who has already taken over recruiting in Central Florida. Oh and if you bothered to look it up we have commitments from numerous nationally ranked players for the upcoming season. I’m sure we won’t produce any MORE NFL players though. You’re right. So go ahead and dispute my claim about NFL talent but please bring me one shred of evidence that McNeese St. has or will ever produce more NFL talent than USF and that USF will have no NFL prospects anymore. Next, I’m not all that sad about getting beat by an FCS school seeing as 7 other teams did as well. Including one in the top 25.It’s not like we were Michigan getting beat by App St. either. Also, no team in the world would rather play in a FCS playoff than a FBS bowl game. That’s why the good teams move up when they can. It’s all about the money. But hey, haters are going to hate for someone calling out a troll. Get over it. Relish in your victory to those true McNeese St. fans. Yes, you kicked our asses. Honestly, it will help this team. Sometimes you have to hit the bottom before you can ascend. Keep chirping about that game though, me as well as the team and USF nation are on to bigger and better things. Later haters.

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