5 key match-ups for USF vs. McNeese State

Posted: August 30, 2013 in Football

Here are the top 5 match-ups to watch during the course of the game that could decide the ending score.  While every match-up is important during the game, these are some of the key ones to watch.

USF front 7 vs. Offensive line of McNeese State

McNeese State only has one returning starter on their offensive line with experience, mixing in youngsters and converted defensive tackles.  The front 7 for USF, the strength of the defense, should be able to get a lot of pressure and control the tempo of the game.  I would expect several sacks and a lot of pressure on the McNeese State skill players in the backfield.

Matt Floyd vs. McNeese State defense

The strength of the McNeese defensive is their secondary with multiple returning starters.  Matt Floyd, now the stater, will get his first look at a complex defense that will try to confuse him and make life hard.  He will have to execute at a high level, make smart decisions and give his receivers a chance to catch the ball and get up field.

Andre Davis vs. CB Guy Morton

Morton is the Cowboys’ top corner that leads the secondary.  Andre Davis is our big time receiver that we are expecting to have a break out year.  I want to see how he handles the pressure of being the top target going against the top option of the opposing defense.  I feel Davis will have the advantage in this one and other receivers will be able to get open when the Cowboys put their attention on Davis.

Sean Price vs. LB Hayden Dobbs

Tight ends are figured to be the big time targets in Taggart’s offense and Price, a huge talent, should be able to thrive this season.  Look for Price to work the seams and get down the field.  Dobbs, one of the two starting linebackers, will probably have to drop back and work against Price in pass coverage.  If this is the case, it could be a nice day at the office for Price and other tight ends.

USF secondary vs. QB Cody Stroud

Two new corners, new depth and youth all around.  The Bulls will get an early test with veteran Cody Stroud throwing down the field.  I  would expect the secondary to make a few mistakes, but play well overall as they continue to learn.  Stroud is solid, but USF has a lot of explosive playmakers ready to put 2012 behind them.


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