My depth chart to enter the 2013 season

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Football

Football is so close you can smell it.  As Coach Taggart prepares his team for the start of the season, he continues to be quiet about his starting depth chart to start the season.  Going by all the reports that have come out this fall, I am putting together my depth chart to start the year.  Check it out and see what you think.

LT – Darrell Williams

LG – Lawrence Martin

C – Austin Reiter

RG – Brynjar Gudmundsson

RT – Quinterrius Eatmon

TE – Sean Price

RB – Marcus Shaw/Mike Pierre

QB – Matt Floyd

WR – Andre Davis

WR – Deonte Welch

FB – Auggie Sanchez

This is really hard to judge, considering we are not sure how many tight end sets the offense will start with and when or if the fullback will be utilized.  The line is fairly set for me.  I have Lawrence Martin starting to begin the year due to the fact Thor Jozwiak has a heart issue and how just now returned to practice (per Greg Auman).  Andre Davis is a staring WR and I feel Deonte Welch becomes the second option.  Not knowing how many tight ends will be used in the base set, I have just Price starting although McFarland will get a lot of playing time this season.  The RB spot seems to be Shaw to start the year, but it will rotate a lot. The fullback spot is open as well, with Sanchez and Swanson both pushing for playing time.  Quarterback was nearly impossible to call, but with Bench missing time with an ankle issue and Eveld not making a lot of plays, I lean towards Floyd.


RE – Tevin Mims

LE – Aaron Lynch

DT – Luke Sager

DT – Elkino Watson

WLB – Reshard Cliett

MLB – DeDe Lattimroe

SLB – Tashon Whitehurst

CB – Kenneth Durden

CB – Brandon Salinas

S – Mark Joyce

S – JaQuez Jenkins

The defensive line has a lot of depth to it.  I feel Tevin Mims gets the nod opposite of Lynch on the line, although Forte will rotate in a lot as well.  Sager is fairly entrenched as a starter and either Elkino Watson or Todd Chandler gets the other starting tackle spot.  Linebackers are nearly set with Lattimore and Cliett both taking up spots.  I think Tashon Whitehurst, although being pushed by Zack Bullock, keeps his starting job.  Corner is still anyone’s guess, but Durden seems to be a firm starter.  Either Chris Bivins or Lamar Robbins could take that other starting corner spot, but Brandon Salinas has kept up all fall and will see a lot of playing time this season.  At safety, Mark Joyce is firmly entrenched.  I say JaQuez Jenkins takes the other spot, but they will rotate others in like Robbins or Jalen Spencer, moving Jenkins to the nickel spot.

So this is my starting depth chart to start the season.  I’m sure I’ve gotten a few positions wrong and with Taggart keeping everything quiet for now, anything could happen.  But this is how I see the team taking the field to begin the year vs. McNeese State.  What positions do you think have a different starter than the ones I have penciled in?

  1. Derry Beck says:

    Think the lineup call looks solid-Matt Floyd as starting QB is terrifing, given what i saw last season and the spring fumbles issues. I think Bench gets the call pretty quickly, and the defense is simply going to have to carry the team this season. Hopefully we can have a running back emerge, and get thru the year successfully playing smash mouth.

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