Recapping my position grades before the season starts

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Football

Just last month I went through the process of grading each unit.  I decided to put all the grades together in one place so that at the end of the year, I can look back and see how each position improved or regressed throughout the season.  Let’s get started. 

Quarterback: F



Offensive line: C-


Looking back at it, I am fairly happy with the grades for the units and feel they are pretty fair in their ranking.  I would rate the receivers at C- now that D’vario Montgomery is gone, but the potential of Benjamin and Mut with their size, and knowing the passing game will favor the tight ends more, I’m still at C for them.  RB and FB I’m still seeing them as low on the grade, not knowing what the freshmen backs are going to do this year for the offense.  I would probably grade the offensive line higher, considering they have gone through the fall without major injuries and should fair well this season, but having Thor Jozwiak still out leaves me a little concerned.  The quarterback position is still the grade I stand on and nearly went to an F- with.  Just a few days out from the start of the season and Coach Taggart has yet to name a starter for week one.  While he may know who he wants to go with, not listing the guy for the job this close to the season continues to show how muddled the position is.  No one has truly stepped up to the front of the line and taken the job over.  Floyd has made plays (per Taggart) but has made mistakes.  Eveld doesn’t make many mistakes, but doesn’t make any big plays.  Bench missed a day and seems to be a step behind and Mike White is a freshman.  The offense will go with the quarterback.  If the Bulls can’t find a reliable starter out of these 4 guys, the rest of the positions could have lower grades at the end of the year.

Secondary: D-

Defensive line: B+

Linebackers: C

The defense was a major weakness last season and with several starters gone at the end of 2012, made grading these units hard.  Defensive line was easy to grade with the addition of Aaron Lynch and the big pick-ups in recruits with Derrick Calloway and others, plus the returning roster.  Linebackers have the potential to grade higher, but not seeing a lot of depth at the position made me nervous to grade the position any higher.  The secondary was the toughest to grade and looking at the D-, it could have been lower, but wearing those green and gold glasses always gets to me.  While Joyce and Jenkins should be solid at safety, trying to figure who starts at corner and what they can do is hard to figure.  Durden, Salinas, Bivins, Robbins, and others have shown signs, but seeing is believing before I would even think about giving them a higher grade.

Special teams: C-

Hurrah, we have a punter named to start the season, but Mattias Ciabatti has only attempted one punt in his collegiate career.  We have to set place kicker, although Kloss and Nadelman should be solid no matter who wins it out.  The return game is always up in the air, so I had to grade this unit lower.  If Ciabatti kicks it out of RJS and we find someone at least equal to Maikon Bonani, this unit should grade out higher at the end of the season.

So what do you think about the grades? Think they are fair or am I being mean or too generous to a certain position?


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