What will you consider a successful season for USF football?

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Football

The 2013 season is nearly here.  The team is back home after spending the last week down in Vero Beach preparing for the start of the season. A season they are hoping can erase the disaster that was 2012.

After going 3-9 last season, the team has a lot of work to do to erase the ugly past, but how much improvement can there be in one year?  As fans, we hope for an undefeated season, but realistically, what do we think would be a successful season for the Bulls?

3-9, stings doesn’t it?  Last season was brutal to watch, no one will question that.  From late game leads disappearing, to the collapse at Miami, and then the paper bags over the heads of fans as Skippy walked off the field for the last time, it was ugly.  2012 is gone now and with Coach Taggart at the helm, things are slowly getting better.  The team is energized, focused, working hard, and doing everything the coaching staff is asked them.  But is it enough?  Is it enough to win a lot of games?

Face the facts, Coach Taggart is starting from scratch with this group.  Taggart inherited a team that had only 2 interceptions as a unit, forced only 12 turnovers all year, had no set returning quarterback, no set running back, and other issues of depth all across the board.  In less than a year, Taggart has put together a strong recruiting class and has pushed this team harder than ever before to win their starting jobs for the 2013 season, but is it enough?  How far can he take this group that has gone down each season.

We have high expectations and we believe this team is talented all across the board, but when we take off the green and gold glasses for a second, we are faced with a reality of unknowns.  We believe this team is talented, but just because a piece of paper or a scout says they are doesn’t mean it will translate to the field.  This team has a lot of open positions, from quarterback to starting corners, making it hard to figure who will be taking the field with the first team units.  Remember, we are the only team in the AAC that does not have a returning quarterback.  The young freshmen that came in for Coach Taggart’s first recruiting class are highly touted, but college football is a lot different than the prep level, we don’t know if these young guys are ready for the bright lights of Raymond James.

So, what do you think constitutes as a successful season for the Bulls?  For me, I think a 6-6 season would be a major success and even more so if they found a bowl game to land in.  But more important than wins, I want to see the progression of the players in the new system.  Last year, we saw an offense change looks each week, never committing to anything and never improving an any style.  We saw a spread system that didn’t click, we saw an option offense that failed, and they tried under center, which wasn’t cutting it either.  We saw a defense sit back 20 yards and wait for teams to run at them, it was awful.  We saw a team have leads only to hand them away late in games.

I want to see this team play harder, fly to the football, and bring the intensity and passion we saw under Coach Leavitt.  So many times, in my eyes, the team held its head down and lacked energy late in bad situations.  I understand the team was in a spiral at the end and getting up for a game was probably beyond difficult, but allowing opponents to simply walk down the field was not acceptable (Marcus Shaw walked off the field at one point).  I want to see this team have the confidence, have energy and not fear anyone (as Coach Taggart has said before).  I want the old energy that filled Raymond James back, when the Bulls swarmed and punished (who remembers that song?)  Can this team do that?  Do they have the will and talent to do it? I believe they do and Coach Taggart is the man to get it done.

So as a fan, what do you see being a successful season for the Bulls?

  1. CO Bull says:

    I think we need a bowl game season and a win vs Michigan State, Miami, L-ville or UCF. I feel that would represent a complete turnaround from the last few seasons and a return to the USF team that had a chance against any team they played. I really just want to get back to the point where I watch our games and say “I wonder how we are going to win this one” instead of “i can’t watch them blow another 4th qtr lead”. Can’t really expect much more based on the fact that we have a lot of unproven talent and brand new systems on both sides of the ball.

  2. mstaton says:

    Summed it up perfectly. Last two years have been “I wonder how we blow this game” I want to see the team compete and fight, not backing down late in games. Depth and talent is shaky at best, but the will of the team has to change.

  3. Completely agree with 6-6 being a successful season; likewise I want to see the team show steady improvement from Opening week, to the last game. One of the most disappointing things about last season that we saw the team making the same mistakes they did in the beginning, at the end. I want to see growth, and end this season as excited as I am now for the next one.

  4. mstaton says:

    Bingo. Last year we saw a team continue to fail each week, never learning or correcting the mistakes and the coaching staff had a lot to do with that. I think this team may not have the talent yet, but they will fight to the end and will show they have learned a lot in just a year since Skippy left the building. I can’t wait to get this season started.

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