Unit Analysis: Quarterback

Posted: August 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Is Steven Bench the answer at quarterback for the Bulls in 2013?

The quarterback position is a huge question mark for the Bulls.  With long time starter BJ Daniels in the NFL and no experienced back-up to replace him, the position is wide open entering the fall.   The battle will be a 4-man competition as the start of the season. 

Here is the 2012 roster and what they did last season:

BJ Daniels – 6′ 217 lbs. – Senior – 9 games – 165/290 (56%) 2075 yards, 14 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.  104 carries for 434 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Bobby Eveld – 6’5″ 215 lbs. – Junior – 1 game – 3/8 29 yards

Tommy Eveld – 6’5″ 184 lbs. – Freshman – No stats recorded

Matt Floyd – 6’1″ 206 lbs. – 7 games – 57/110 466 yards, 5 interceptions, 0 touchdowns.  18 carries, -12 yards.

Trenton Miller – 6′ 190 lbs. – Freshman – No stats recorded.

What the Bulls lost after the season was over:

BJ Daniels – Graduated, drafted by the San Francisco 49er’s.

Trenton Miller – Left the team

Incoming recruiting class for 2013:

Mike White – 6’4″ 180 lbs. – 3-stars

Steven Bench – 6’2″ 208 lbs. – Ok, he is not a “recruit” but he is an addition to the 2013 class.  Completed 2 passes for 12 yards, 3 carries for 18 yards last year at Penn State.

Roster for 2013: 

Steven Bench – 6’2″ 208 lbs. – Sophomore

Bobby Eveld – 6’5″ 217 lbs. – Senior

Tommy Eveld – 6’5″ 189 lbs. – Redshirt freshman

Matt Floyd – 6’1″ 202 lbs. – Redshirt sophomore

Aaron Munoz – 6′ 188 lbs. – Senior

Evan Wilson – 6’2″ 184 lbs. – Freshman – Joined as a walk on this spring

So what can we expect this season from the quarterback position? The answer, no one knows.  When Daniels went down last year, we saw how little the Bulls had in a developed and ready quarterback behind him.  The awful handling of Eveld’s redshirt and the struggles of Floyd left the position entering this season wide open and a reason for a few extra drinks.  Coach Taggart took over and was able to recruit Mike White, a tall and talented signal caller from the Miami area and was able to land the transfer of former Penn State quarterback Steven Bench.  Bench, a former 3-star recruit, has experience in a system similar to what Taggart whats to run now, so it make give him the edge.

After the spring game, there was no separation for any quarterback.  Eveld looked normal at best and Matt Floyd struggled to handle a snap from under center, leaving fans growing more grey hairs.  So this is where we stand now entering the fall.  Floyd can’t handle a snap well, Bobby is a game manager at best, Bench is a transfer that has taken many reps and Mike White is a true freshman.

Coach Taggart and his staff have a lot of work to do entering the fall.

So who gets the job out of the fall?  Trying to call this one is a shot in the dark and hard to determine.  But if I had to pick a guy at this stage of the fall, it would have to be Bench.  Eveld is the senior leader and took a lot of snaps during the spring with the first team offense, but in the short times we have seen him, he hasn’t been that impressive.  He has taken a more leadership role, but it doesn’t mean he gets the job.  Floyd had a strong spring game and when he was able to handle a snap, he showed his arm strength.  But, the lack of handle on the snaps is a major concern.   Mike White will get a shot, but learning the playbook in the fall and ready to start the season is a major task to ask a young man, so a redshirt is more likely for him.

This leads Bench.  Bench has a strong arm and has more speed than most think, making him capable of moving around the pocket and rushing when needed.  He ran a similar system to Coach Taggart’s offense while at Penn State, so he should be familiar with some of the playcalling.  If he is able to figure out the playbook quick and show his skills during the fall, he should be able to take the starting job.

Overall grade: F

Yeah, it’s the worst grade of all the units and rightly so.  I know some people will be very upset at a fan grading the unit this badly, but if you can name me the starter right now, I’ll change it.  Trust me, I want to grade them higher and they have the potential to be better than this, but thanks to Skippy, the lack of developing and the lack of recruiting, has left this position thin and unknown.  If we had a backup that played some last year and showed promise, I would grade it higher, but we didn’t see that last year.  Until a starter is named before game one, this unit will continue to leave me wondering and worrying about the future of the offense in 2013.


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