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Game day: McNeese State

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Football


The weeks, days, and hours have slowly ticked by and game day has finally arrived.  There is a lot of excitement heading into this year, but there is also a lot of doubt and and questioning as well.  After the last two years, it’s been hard to sit and enjoy a USF game.  Now with Coach Taggart, the energy that was lost the last two years has slowly returned and should be on display today at Raymond James.

I’ll be in the stadium, watching just like you will.  I want to see how far this team has come from last season, how much work Coach Taggart and his staff have done to erase the nightmare of 2012.  There will be growing pains, there will be head scratching moments, but I want to see this team and program progressing the right way.

I won’t be live tweeting during the game.  Between tailgating, grilling, a few beverages, and just enjoying the day, I’ll be a little occupied.  I will send out a few tweets, especially if something crazy happens during the game.  I want to take it all in and see it all in person.  On Sunday morning I will do a full recap, analyzing everything that happened.  So enjoy the game, enjoy the tailgating and GO BULLS!


Back on the old blog, I would do this type of post each week, pointing out key areas against our opponents and finding ways the Bulls could win the game and ways they could blow it.  With everything new this year, I figured it would be good to bring the posts back and highlight major areas fans should pay attention to during the game.  So let’s get it started (note, these post tend to have a little humor added into them, so enjoy). (more…)

Here are the top 5 match-ups to watch during the course of the game that could decide the ending score.  While every match-up is important during the game, these are some of the key ones to watch. (more…)

McNeese State runs a fairly balanced offense, attacking both on the ground and air at the same rate.  Their starting quarterback returns with a lot of experience, but their offensive line is a little shaky.  The Cowboys will attack in various ways, even using a wildcat style of quarterback, so the USF defense better be ready for this opening game.  (more…)

Analyzing McNeese State: Defense

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Football

Coach Taggart will be facing off against a familiar face in Coach Lance Guidry, the defensive coordinator of McNeese State.  Guidry was Taggart’s defensive coordinator last season at Western Kentucky and coached their bowl game after Taggart took the job at USF.  Taggart will know some of his schemes, but Guidry will know Taggart’s offense, setting up for an interesting little battle between the two sides.

McNeese State runs a fairly unique defense, utilizing 5 defensive backs and 2 linebackers in their base formation.  Now with that said, the extra safety can easily step up in the box and line up like a linebacker.  Let’s dig through their depth chart and see what the USF offense will face in the season opener. (more…)

So a few days ago, Greg Auman reported that Matt Floyd was named the starter for the first game of the 2013 season against McNeese State.  The redshirt sophomore proved himself to the coaches during the spring and fall and won’t have to look over his shoulder after each game. (more…)

Special teams can often affect the outcome of a game and in the season opener, it’s important to pay attention to the specialists.  Let’s take a look at the special teams units for McNeese State and what they bring to the field.  (more…)