Trip down memory lane: Reviewing the 2007 recruiting class

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2007 was a big year for USF and ended with a defeat in probably the biggest bowl game in program history.

2007, what a year for USF.  The Bulls, off of a massive upset against Auburn found themselves ranked 2nd in the nation (also beat a certain school in Orlando by a wide margin).  However, a horrifying trip up to New Jersey ended the ranked days for the team.  They did make it to a solid bowl game, the Sun Bowl, but an Oregon team was waiting for them (game was painful to watch).  The recruiting class was a solid one for the Bulls as they continued to get to the postseason.  Let’s take a look at this year’s class.

1. Joshua Bellamy – 6′ 181 lbs. – Athlete – St. Petersburg, FL (Boca Ciega HS)

Bellamy, a 2-star local prospect, was once committed to Iowa State, but decided he wanted to stay at home.  However, Bellamy didn’t have the grades coming out of high school, so he headed off to Butte Community College.  After two years in the junior college ranks, he headed to Louisville for one season, never stepping foot in Tampa.

2. Dontavia Bogan – 6′ 180 lbs. – Wide receiver – Thomasville, GA (Thomasville HS)

Bogan, a 2-star recruit, became a very reliable receiver for the Bulls, especially late in his career. In 2007, Bogan appeared in 11 games, catching 12 passes for 190 yards and a touchdown.  In 2008, he caught 26 passes for 354 yards and a touchdown, he also became a weapon in kick returns.  He returned 29 kicks for 770 yards, giving the special teams unit a big time spark. In 2009. Bogan caught 22 passes for 305 yards and caught 4 touchdowns.  He returned 36 kicks for 770 yards.  In 2010, things changed for Bogan.  With a wide receiver unit with a ton of injuries, Bogan only returned 4 kicks, keeping him healthy and focused on just the offensive side of the ball.  He caught 47 passes for 685 yards and 6 touchdowns.  He signed as a free agent with the San Francisco 49’ers, but after an ACL tear, he was released from the team.

3. Tyson Butler – 5’11” 170 lbs. – Athlete – Fort Myers, FL (Cypress Lake HS)

Butler, rated 3-stars and recruited for defensive back position, redshirted his first year at USF.  In 2008, he appeared in 11 games as a reserve, totaling 5 tackles.  In 2009, in 8 games, he made 11 tackles, 1 tackle for loss, and came down with an interception. In 2010, he appeared in 9 games making 6 tackles and in 2011, making 3 tackles, bringing his career total to just 25 tackles.

4. Kyle Dampier – 6’4″ 265 lbs. – Defensive tackle – Merritt Island, FL (Merritt Island HS)

Rated 2 stars, Dampier left after one season at USF, never recording a stat.

5. Claude Davis – 6’4″ 228 lbs. – Defensive end – Lakeland,FL (Lake Gibson HS)

Davis, rated 3-stars coming out of high school, had academic issues and went to East Mississippi CC to get himself ready.  He joined the team in 2010, where he appeared in 12 games, but recorded just one tackle. In 2011, Davis became a pass rush specialist, recording 16 tackles, 7 tackles for loss including 6 sacks.  He signed with the Jets as a free agent, but was released and was recently arrested in New York.

6. Thomas Edenfield – 6’5″ 279 lbs. – Offensive lineman – Jacksonville, FL (Bartrann Trail HS)

Edenfield, a 3-star recruit, took a redshirt his first season with USF then left the program the year after.

7. David Fonua – 6’2″ 250 lbs. – Defensive lineman – Bradenton, FL (Bradenton HS)

Fonua was an 06 commit, but joined the team in 2007 when he took a redshirt.  He played one game in 2008, recording a tackle, and then left the team in 2009.

8. Mike Ford – 6’2″ 210 lbs. – Running back – Chatham, VA (Hargrave Military Academy)

Where do I start with Ford?  The 4-star running back was suppose to be the next big thing for the Bulls, but the poor coaching and his off the field issues destroyed his career.  Ford played in 12 games in 2007, carrying the ball 138 times for 645 yards and 12 touchdowns (freshman record for USF).  His production declined the next year as he carried it 102 times for 417 yards and 5 touchdowns.  In 2009, he played in 11 games, but was suspended for two and was not effective do to poor play calling and lack of a committed run game.  He carried the ball 91 times for 450 yards and 6 touchdowns.  He carried the ball for a big 207 yards in the bowl game against Northern Illinois at the end of the year, showing his skill and big play potential.  2010 was suppose to be his year, but he was dismissed from the team before the year began, ending a career that never reached the heights it should have. Ford always displayed his power and speed at times, but was never consistent enough in pass blocking or any other part of the game, limiting his uses.  The coaching staff didn’t use him right, back his lack of skill in the passing game and his off the field issues, destroyed what could have been a legendary career.

Corian Garrison

9. Corian Garrison – 6’4″ 290 lbs. – Defensive tackle – Starke, FL (Bradford HS)

The 2-star defensive tackle enrolled for his first year, but never played a snap and left the team shortly after 2007 (hard to find much on him).

10. Sampson Genus – 6’1″ 305 lbs. – Offensive lineman – Lake City, FL (Columbia HS)

Genus, rated 2 stars, appeared in 6 games for the Bulls in 2007.  In 2008, he played in 13 games, making 5 starts at defensive tackle and recorded 9 tackles.  At the end of the year, he moved to the offensive side of the ball which proved to be a great move for the offense.  In 2009, Genus started all 12 games at center, anchoring the offensive line for the Bulls.  In 2010, he played in all 13 games, was named team captain, and was a first team All Big East performer.  He signed as an unrestricted free agent to the Green Bay Packers after the season was over.  Genus will always be one of the best lineman in USF history.

11. Patrick Hampton – 6’2″ 260 lbs. – Defensive end – Lithonia, GA (Martin Luther King HS)

The 2-star lineman redshirted his first year at USF, but slowly became a solid lineman for the Bulls.  In 2006, he appeared in 6 games, making 5 tackles.  In 2009, he appeared in 13 games, making just 3 games as he served as a limited reserve.  In 2010, Hampton appeared in 11 games (3 starts) and made 20 tackles including 7 tackles for loss (2 sacks).  In 2011, he made 12 starts, totaling 23 tackles and 4 TFL.  Hampton was never a big time stat player, but always was solid whenever he played up front.

12. Richard Kelly – 6’1″ 240 lbs. – Fullback – Bushnell, FL (South Sumter HS)

Kelly, rated just 2-stars, played a key role for the USF run game that has often been overlooked over the years.  In 2007, he had just one carry, but in 2008 he appeared in 13 games, making 23 carries for 115 yards and a touchdown (3 catches for 15 yards).  Working at fullback, he appeared in 13 games in 2009, carrying the ball just 2 times. In 2010, he carried it 15 times for 38 yards and a single touchdown.  The stats for Kelly don’t jump out at you, but if you watched him play during those years, you can appreciate what a great blocker he was for the Bulls.  He was a tough guy that blocked and always opened a running lane or kept the quarterback on his feet.  Truly one of the most underrated Bulls of all time.

This gif of McCaskill might be one of the best of all time in USF history.

13. Keith McCaskill – 6’1″ 235 lbs. – Tight end – Tallahassee, FL (Godby HS)

While his brother was committed in 2006 and enrolled in 2007, Keith joined the team without a delay.  The 2-star recruit was moved to defensive tackle his first year and took a redshirt.  In 2008, he appeared in 12 games, recording 6 tackles and 3 TFL (2 sacks).  In 2009, he made 5 starts in 13 games, recording 23 tackles and 1.5 TFL.  In 2010, he recorded 14 tackles and 4 TFL (1 sack).  In 2011, he recorded 29 tackles and 8 TFL (4 sacks).  McCaskill was always a solid defensive lineman for the Bulls during his career.

14. Kevin McCaskill – 6′ 287 lbs. – Offensive lineman – Tallahassee, FL (Godby HS)

Rated 3 starts, Kevin was part of the 2006 class but enrolled later at the same time his brother did.  We covered his career in the 2006 guide.

15. Terrell McClain – 6’2″ 269 lbs. – Defensive tackle – Pensacola, FL (Pensacola HS)

Rated 3 stars, McClain (aka Dancing Bear) appeared in 11 games in 2008, making 8 tackles and 4 TFL as a reserve.   In 2008, he made 9 starts in 12 game,s totaling 12 tackles and 3.5 TFL (3 sacks).  In 2009, he made 11 starts (13 games) recording 24 tackles and 5 TFL (1.5 sacks).  2010 was his final year, making all 13 starts, where he recorded 24 tackles and 4.5 TFL (3 sacks).  McClain was drafted in the third round in 2011 by the Panthers, but his year was cut short due to injury.  After that, he was part of the Patriots in 2012 and is now currently with the Houston Texans.

16. Lawrence McCoy – 6’5″ 265 lbs. – Offensive lineman – Valdosta, GA (Valdosta HS)

McCoy, rated 2-stars, never enrolled at USF.

17. Kevenski McGee – 6’2″ 255 lbs. – Tight end – Pahokee, FL (Pahokee HS)

Like McCoy, McGee (rated 2-stars) never enrolled at USF.

18. Mike McGowan – 6’4″ 245 lbs. – Offensive lineman – Boca Raton, FL (West Boca Raton HS)

The 2-star prospect, McGowan took at a redshirt his first season.  In 2008, McGowan suffered a knee injury after appearing in one game, which ended his playing career with the Bulls.

19, Darren Powe – 6’3″ 235 lbs. – Defensive end – Mayo, FL (Lafayette HS)

Powe, rated a 2-star recruit, was moved to offensive line after taking a redshirt in 2007.  In 2008, he appeared in 3 games.  In 2009, Powe worked primarily with the scout team.  In 2010, he appeared in 3 games at the guard position and on special teams.  In 2011, his final year, he appeared in 4 games, once again at guard and on special teams.

20. Patrick Richardson III – 6’1″ 165 lbs. – Wide receiver – Pensacola, FL  (Woodham HS)

Richardson, rated 2-stars, never enrolled at USF.

21. Charlton Sinclair – 6′ 190 lbs. – Defensive back – Jacksonville, FL (Mandarin HS)

Sinclair, rated 3-stars, took a redshirt in 2007 and worked with the scout team.  In 2008, he appeared in 12 games, making 5 tackles and returned a punt 21-yards for a touchdown. In 2009, he decided to transfer and ended his USF career.

22. Donte Spires – 6’3″ 240 lbs. – Linebacker – Poplarville, MS (Pearl River CC)

Spires, rated 3-stars, went to Plant HS coming out of the prep level, but decided to go to junior college for two years.  In 2007, he joined the Bulls, appearing in 12 games, making 16 tackles including 3 TFL (1 sack).  In 2008 and 2009, Spires left the program to take care of his family due to multiple reasons (much respect to him for that).  He returned in 2010, appearing in 13 games and made 9 tackles.

23. Calvin Sutton – 5’10” 208 lbs. – Linebacker – Deland, FL (Deland HS)

Sutton, rated 3-stars, never enrolled at USF.

24. Alton Voss  – 6’3″ 213 lbs. – Quarterback – New Port Richey, FL (Gulf HS)

Ah, the story of Alton Voss.  The Gulf HS star that was rated 3-stars coming out of high school never made it to USF.  Prior to his first year, he battled substance issues, taking him away from college football.  After getting clean, he went to two junior colleges before heading to Argentina and going to a rehab center down there, cleaning up.  He returned to the states and went to Grand Valley State.  Voss is heading to a new junior college, but the more important thing is, he is clean.  Voss continues his life to recovery and I wish him the best.

25. Jeremiah Warren – 6’2″ 283 lbs. – Offensive lineman – Panama City, FL (Panama City HS)

Warren, rated 2-stars, took a redshirt his first season.  In 2008, he appeared in 7 games as a reserve.  In 2009, he appeared in 13 games, still as a reserve, at both left guard and left tackle.  In 2010, he appeared in all 13 games, getting more playing time as the year wore on.   In 2011, he became the fulltime starter at left guard, starting 12 games there.

26. Quenton Washington – 5’11” 164 lbs. – Defensive back – North Fort Myers, FL (North Fort Myers HS)

Rated just 2-stars, Washington took a redshirt his first season.  He appeared in 12 games in 2008, recording 15 tackles and 1 TFL.  In 2009, playing a lot of special teams and corner for the Bulls, he made 29 tackles.  In 2010, he became the full time starter at cornerback, making 59 tackles, 1 TFL, and recorded one interception.  In 2011, he made 45 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 1 interception, and 8 PBU to end his playing career.

27. Carlton Hill

Ah, again.  Hill, who was a 4-star recruit just two years ago, went to junior college but failed to meet academic standards for USF and failed to return to Tampa.


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