Billboard on 275: The Power of U

Posted: July 12, 2013 in Football

I found this image that was shared on Facebook from the USF Alumni Association page (credit to Charles Billi’s for first posting it, shared by Alumni Association page).  I saw this just a few days ago myself and couldn’t find a picture of it to post sooner.  I believe this is their slogan this year, compared to the dream in green and gold a few year back, I like this one a lot better.  What are your thoughts USF fans?

  1. Hem says:

    Works for me. Promotes the iconic U, and doesn’t sound too cheesy.

  2. mstaton says:

    Yeah, it’s clean, looks good. I like it a lot better than last year’s “Dream in Green and Gold” which became a nightmare of Holtz’s jolly, stupid answers.

  3. Jen says:

    The power of “bull” is quite strong… I, personally, don’t care for it.

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