Quick thoughts on Chris Dunkley being reinstated

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Football

From Greg Auman – The updated fall roster came out today along with news that junior wide receiver Chris Dunkley has been reinstated by the team.

Dunkley, who came over from UF two years ago, didn’t make much of an impact last year, playing in only 4 games and catching 4 passes for 93 yards and  a single touchdown that came off of a 52-yard strike against Nevada.  Dunkley has resolved all of his legal troubles and is now back officially with the team.

So what does this mean for USF? For one, it gives them another wide receiver to add to the depth chart.  The Bulls lost Terrence Mitchell and Sterling Griffin to transfers this summer, two of their most experienced receivers from last season, leaving the position thin with inexperience.  After Andre Davis, the next highest catch total from last season was Derrick Hopkins with just 19 grabs (looking at just wide receivers).

While Dunkley didn’t exactly light up the stat sheet last season, having him back on the roster means he will be able to compete and work for a spot.  Dunkley is a gifted athlete with elite speed.  If he is able to prove himself this fall and work his way into the mix, his athletic abilities could be a nice weapon for the offense.

  1. Hem says:

    Kid was a 4 star recruit, Under Amour All American, and ESPN Top150. He has the talent, hoping he thrives this year with a clear head.

  2. mstaton says:

    Key word, “was” a 4-star recruit. We are talking 4 years ago when he was in high school and he’s been out of football for nearly a year now, just working out with the informally. I would think he is low on the depth chart, behind Welch, Davis, Montgomery, Hopkins, etc. He has the skills needed to work his way up and hopefully with a clear head, he can do so.

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