For the final time, I promise.

Hello USF readers. The blog has been real quiet over the past week or so as I’ve hit a motivational block. So, I’ve kicked myself in the butt and am pursuing my ultimate dream of an all inclusive blog that covers all of my sports writing. I know I’ve have bounced around more than a few times over the past year or so and I’m sure that has turned off a lot of writers. I get that and for that, there isn’t anything I can say to make those readers understand what my mind goes through when blogging. I can say I’m sorry a billion times, but that can’t make amends for readers who are tired of the constant bouncing over the last year plus. I did say if the blog shut down, I would be done with the USF coverage, but it is not stopping. It’s going to a new platform, a platform that I should have stayed with from the beginning.

So let’s cut to the chase. USF coverage is moving to, simple. The FB page will not be updated moving forward as I focus my energy on the Bridging the Bay FB page. The Twitter account (@thebullrush) will not go anywhere because it does have a large following that has built over the years. I will be tweeting from my personal account more (@usfmatt). I’m not going anywhere, just changing the approach as I try to respark my writing. I had originally wanted a blog to cover all of my writing, but it quickly became a mess. So to avoid that, I will do what internet jokers always say, stick to sports. So that is what I’m going to do. The blog will have the USF stuff along with my Rays writings. It will be about the Tampa area sports and I am working to achieve the ultimate goal.


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Hello USF fans. If you haven’t noticed, the blogs have been coming out at a lot of irregular times over the past two weeks. The Rush Through the Roster series has been delayed several times while having the blogs ready. The Ultimate Team project has been delayed with results, getting the posts up and even the reviews of the voting. I’ll just be honest, I’m exhausted. My work schedule and just life in general have made it tough to keep up with the blog and dedicate enough time to keep it properly updated. It has become a job at times to get things prepared to post and that is not what I ever wanted from the blog. I know in the past I have said if the blog shuts down again I’d be done for good, so I’m not at that point right now. I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and let you know, the reader, why things are going the way they are. Time is just tough to come by and I need to get things straightened out.

So the blogs will continue to roll, they may be delayed at times, but they will continue. I am just trying to figure out my writing path at this point and changes could be coming to this blog and the social media accounts, I just don’t know what will come. I’ve kind of lost that writer’s spark and am laboring through each blog. Hang in there, please?

The Bulls went 24-33 (8-16 in the AAC) this year, battling through a ton of injuries and fielding a team that relied on so many true freshmen to carry the burden in 2016. While they compiled an overall losing record, it was a building year in what looks like a bright future moving forward.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ryeshene Bronson became a reliable target last year in the passing game. 2016 should be a break out year for him, but there is a lot of depth on the roster that he will have to beat out for the starting job.

Sorry these haven’t been posting for the last few days. We are getting back to work!

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The season is over after the Bulls finished the year at 45-16 and making the NCAA tournament once again. Coach Ken Eriksen’s team had an impressive season, so let’s break down everything they accomplished and what lies ahead in 2017.  Read the rest of this entry »

Memorial Day

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Hello USF family. Today is Memorial Day. Take a moment and understand what this day is all about as we honor all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. The blog won’t be posting anything else today, but will be back to normal on Tuesday as I get back to work.

The Bulls, 24-33, fell 7 to 5 to the Memphis Tigers in the AAC tournament as the season comes to an end. USF had a late lead in the game, but the Tigers were able to pour it on late without the Bulls able to complete a comeback late.  Read the rest of this entry »